The Society of Feed Technologists

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Membership of the SFT.

The SFT was founded in 1967 as a regular forum for the forward thinkers in the animal nutrition industry, to identify advances in knowledge and technology and to offer them an opportunity to discuss the importance and implications of these changes.

There are currently about 320 members; membership is on an individual basis, not corporate. One of the 'rules' of the society is that blatent advertising or promotion of branded products is not allowed.


What benefits do I get as a member?

  • Access to four conferences a year, where invited speakers talk about recent developments in genetics, research, EU livestock, marketing and export opportunities, disease and immunology, lifetime performance, economics, feed mill management etc
  • Regular contact with experts in these fields, including: nutritionists, geneticists, pharmacologists, feed technologists, veterinarians, mill managers, laboratory analysts, etc.
  • Develop friendships and network with people doing similar work, and coping with similar problems.
  • A free copy of the conference proceedings every year.


Please see the Download section for a Membership Application