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Edgar Pye Research Scholarship 2016/2017

02/11/2017 at 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Following the most unfortunate death of R. Edgar Pye in July 1989 whilst he held the office of President of the Society of Feed Technologists, the Society decided to set up the Edgar Pye Research Scholarship Trust (Registration Charity No. 1004754) to perpetuate Edgar’s memory by the presentation of a Research Scholarship on a regular basis.

The Project

The aim is to sponsor a research-based project chosen competitively and it may be in any area of farm animal feeding including animal nutrition and management, feed production and marketing. The project can be undertaken in the UK, abroad or based on travel to study the appropriate subject.

Who May Apply?

The Research Scholarship is open to anyone who is either studying agriculture or a related subject, or who is already employed in the Animal Feed Industry, and is resident in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.

The Basis On Which Awards Will Be Made

The award will be given to the applicant, who, in the opinion of the panel of judges, has most capably:
• Identified an area of research relevant to the UK and Irish Compound Feed Industry in the forthcoming five years
• Prepared a programme thoroughly, including sources of information
• Recognised realistically the cost of this research and how it can be completed within the budget of £1750
• Presented the proposals clearly and according to the rules

The Benefits of Winning

1. A prize of £1750 towards the project
2. Early exposure to the feed industry with enhanced employment opportunities
3. Contribute to developments in the animal feed industry

The Rules

1. Closing date for submission – 31st May 2017
2. Entries to be typewritten double-spaced not exceeding 5000 words. Entries to be single sided on A4 paper. Please email entries to secretary@sft.uk.com
3. The proposed research must be within the broad subject areas described above, and the objectives of the project must be set out clearly
4. The project must be fully described and a budget of costs provided
5. It is hoped to select the winner by end of July 2017 and the project described and the award made shortly afterwards. The successful candidate will then have a set period, depending on the project, to complete it and submit a draft paper in a format provided to the SFT Advisory Committee
6. All applicants must agree that if selected as the winner they will give a presentation, the scholarship research project, at an SFT conference within the next 12 months. Travel expenses to the conference will be reimbursed
7. Entries will be submitted to a panel of judges selected by the Trustees of the Research Scholarship Trust
8. The decision of the judges is final

Previous Awards

The Research Scholarship has been awarded over the past few years for the following research projects:

• Superdosing of Phytase – Research and implications
• Early Nutritional Strategies to promote lifetime pig performance
• An investigation into the factors influencing the microbiological status of wheat entering feed and flour mills
• Determination of the apparent and standardised amino acid digestibility values for wheat distillers dried grains with solubles supplemented with or without exogenous enzymes for broilers
• The influence of Dietary Benzoic Acid and Turmeric (curcuma longa L) meal supplementation on the growth performance, nutrient utilization and intestinal health of broilers
• Investigating transfer of genes from genetically modified (GM) maize to the pig intestinal microbiota: one of the steps in determining the safety of GM feed


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