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SFT Ruminants Conference (including SFT AGM) 2018

19/04/2018 at 9:50 am - 4:00 pm

SFT Ruminant 2018

The challenge in maximising milk production is making best use of dietary energy and protein without compromising rumen health.

The programme for the SFT Ruminant conference features the latest research on lower protein intakes of dairy cows which also shows the importance of balancing the sources of dietary energy and key amino acids if yields of high quality milk are to be achieved.

Although adding fats has long been established as good source of energy to dairy cows, latest research on the reappraisal of the role of fats highlights the importance of key fatty acids on performance at critical times in the lactation.

In many high yielding herds the impact of acidosis increases. The effects of acidosis and strategies to reduce its risk and the impact on lactation performance will be reviewed.

The importance of forage quality and prediction of its nutrient value is critical in feeding ruminants. Results from Reading University give new insights into the ME and degradabililty of maize silage.

As very large dairy herds increase on number, it becomes more difficult to monitor the effects of changes in feeding and management on the performance of the cows.

The future of using sensors in precision dairying will be reviewed..

The latest Edgar Pye Scholar from QUB presents her research on the Nutritional Value of Seaweed for Ruminants.


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