Feed Compounder Newsletter June Production Overview – Great Britain

John Davies August 21, 2018 11:34 am

Feed Compounder Newsletter June Production Overview – Great Britain

Total production of compounds, blends and concentrates, including integrated poultry units, during the month of June 2018 amounted to 1,174,800 tonnes. This was 5,400 tonnes or 0.5 per cent greater than production in the same month a year earlier and a record for the period having surpassed the previous one set in 2010 by just 3,400 tonnes. Additionally, June’s total also stood at 107.0 per cent of the 10 year average for the month, 76,900 tonnes more than the mean.

Total feed production during the month of June 2018 was made up of: 51.7 per cent poultry feed, 26.7 per cent cattle and calf feed, 13.3 per cent pig feed, 3.8 per cent sheep feed, 3.4 per cent other feed and 1.1 per cent horse feed.

Total cattle and calf feed for the month fell slightly below the record for the period set a year previously, by 100 tonnes, dropping to 314,000 tonnes, a decrease of just 0.03 per cent. Despite this insignificant downturn, June’s 2018 production was 16,600 tonnes or 5.6 per cent greater than the 10 year average for the month.

For the third consecutive year, total pig feed production decreased from year earlier levels. 2018’s output, at 156,100 tonnes, was 1,000 tonnes or 0.6 per cent lower than in the same month of 2017. Despite the drop in production from a year earlier, June 2018’s total was 9,900 tonnes or 6.8 per cent higher than the 10 year average.

Total poultry feed in June, including IPUs, continued the trend set by both pig and cattle and calf feed and fell marginally below year earlier output. In this case, the decline was by 300 tonnes or 0.05 per cent, falling to 607,300 tonne. Nevertheless, poultry feed production for the month stood at 106.6 per cent of the 10 year average, an increase of 37,400 tonnes.

In contrast with the above, sheep feed production rose considerably from year earlier levels. Reaching 44,300 tonnes, this was an increase of 6,700 tonnes or 17.8 per cent. Furthermore, June 2018 production of sheep feed was 9,300 tonnes or 26.6 per cent greater than the 10 year average for the month.

Horse feed production fell by 400 tonnes or 3.0 per cent from 2017 output to 13,000 tonnes. Yet again, despite the drop seen from a year previous, horse feed production surpassed the 10 year average by 700 tonnes or 5.7 per cent.

Other feed production in June arrested a 12 month trend of falling below year earlier levels by exceeding 2017’s monthly output by 500 tonnes or 1.3 per cent, rising to 40,200 tonnes. A more significant increase was seen when viewed in comparison to the 10 year average, with June 2018 surpassing the monthly mean by 3,100 tonnes or 8.4 per cent.

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