Feed Compounder Newsletter. June Production Overview – Northern Ireland

August 22, 2018 10:46 am

Total production of compounds, blends and concentrates during the month of June 2018 amounted to 190,600 tonnes, a record high for the month and 1,100 tonnes or 0.6 per cent greater than the output during the same period a year previously. Furthermore, the 2018 total for June was 28,300 tonnes or 17.4 per cent higher than the 10 year average for the month in question.

Total feed production during the month of June 2018 was made up of: 45.5 per cent cattle and calf feed, 39.3 per cent poultry feed, 10.6 per cent pig feed, 2.9 per cent other feed and 1.7 per cent sheep feed.

Total cattle and calf feed production also reached record levels for the month, with 2018 output increasing to 86,800 tonnes, 1,400 tonnes or 1.6 per cent more than year earlier levels. Additionally, the current June’s production was 9,600 tonnes or 12.4 per cent greater than the 10 year average for the month.

Whilst pig feed production for June 2018 did not surpass the record outputs reported in the late 90’s, it did outperform year previous production by 600 tonnes or 3.1 per cent, with 20,200 tonnes amassed during the month. The 10 year average for the month of 14,400 tonnes was also significantly exceeded, by 5,800 tonnes or 40.3 per cent.

At 74,900 tonnes, June 2018 poultry production did not match the unprecedented 2017 total, which had bested the previous record by 8,300 tonnes or 12.4 per cent. However, it came close, falling short of the year previous total by just 300 tonnes or 0.4 per cent. 2018’s June production also stood 12,300 tonnes or 19.7 per cent above the 10 year average for the period under review, further highlighting the disparity between 2017/18 and the years preceding them.

Total sheep feed production for June fell below both the year earlier total and the 10 year average for the month, the 2017 figure being identical to the 10 year average, at 3,500 tonnes. 2018 June production amounted to 3,300 tonnes, a 200 tonnes or 5.7 per cent shortfall by comparison.  It is worth noting that the 10 year average is skewed by the exceptional total recorded in the June of 2009, which has so far not come close to being matched.

Other feed production also failed to reach year earlier output, the 5,500 tonnes produced in the month fell 400 tonnes or 6.8 per cent below June 2017 levels. However, June 2018 did significantly outperform the 10 year average for period by 800 tonnes or 17.0 per cent.

Saba Amir Wins the Edgar Pye Research Scholarship 2018

In a highly competitive field of applications for the Edgar Pye Research scholarship for 2018, the award of £2500.00 has been given to Saba Amir, PhD Researcher at Nottingham Trent University.

The subject of Amir’s study will be “The effects of Prebiotics on the Metabolic Pathways Expressed by Chicken Caecal Microbiotica” linking the composition of microbiota with the expression of metabolic pathways and ultimately developing a more sustainable approach to manipulating the microbiome without the use of antibiotics in broiler production.

The results of the work will be presented at a future SFT poultry conference.

The Edgar Pye Research Scholarship Trust is managed by the Society of Feed Technologists.

For more information go to: https://sft.uk.com/scholarships/

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