September Production Overview – Great Britain

John Davies November 25, 2019 11:26 am

Total production of compounds, blends and concentrates, including integrated poultry units, during the month of September 2019 at 1,210,400 tonnes was a marked 48,500 tonnes or 3.9 per cent down on the record high output from a year earlier. Despite falling below both the previous two years’ production levels, 2019’s total was nevertheless 42,700 tonnes or 3.6 per cent greater than the 10 year average for September.
Total feed production during the month of September 2019 was made up of: 50.6 per cent poultry feed, 28.0 per cent cattle and calf feed, 14.3 per cent pig feed, 3.3 per cent other feed, 2.7 per cent sheep feed and 1.2 per cent horse feed.
A significant drop from year earlier levels, totalling 43,300 tonnes, resulted in cattle and calf feed for September falling to 338,400 tonnes. This 11.3 per cent reduction led to the sector slipping below the 10 year average for the month under review by 9,900 tonnes or 2.9 per cent.
Total pig feed production reached its highest level for four years, surpassing 2018’s return by 11,700 tonnes or 7.2 per cent. The 173,100 tonnes of production was also 16,000 tonnes or 9.7 per cent greater than the 10 year average for the month.
Record high levels of poultry feed production were attained in the September under review. The 612,000 tonnes produced is unparalleled for the month and 8,800 tonnes or 1.5 per cent greater than the previous high amassed a year previously. The current total was additionally 42,700 tonnes or 7.2 per cent larger than the average of the last 10 Septembers.
Sheep feed production fell to its lowest level in three years which led to it dropping below the 10 year average for the month by 700 tonnes or 2.1 per cent. It is worth noting that this average is skewed by the unprecedented 48,800 tonnes of output from 2018, which, the current total of 32,700 tonnes fell 16,100 tonnes or 33.0 per cent behind.
Horse feed for September fell to its lowest level since 1998; the 14,400 tonnes was 1,600 tonnes or 10.0 per cent lower than its year earlier total. 2019’s return was an even greater 1,900 tonnes below the 10 year mean for September, a difference of 12.4 per cent.
For the first time in five years, other feed production dropped below 40,000 tonnes in the month of September. The 39,800 tonnes produced in the period was 8,000 tonnes or 16.7 per cent down on 2018’s output. In addition, the current total was 3,600 tonnes or 8.7 per cent lower than the 10 year average for September.


Source: Feed Compounder

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