Terms & Conditions

Ordinary Membership shall be open to Feed Technologists and those with a professional interest in farmed livestock nutrition who are employed or have been employed in the previous 10 years in the farmed animal feed industry, or related sectors such as research and development, education or the authorities responsible for legislation and policing regulations relating to production and sale of animal feeds.

The rights and privileges of every Member of the Society shall be personal to him/her, and shall not be transferable.
Each applicant for Membership shall be required to make application upon a form provided by the Society on its website (www.sft.uk.com) and shall agree to conform to and be bound by these terms and conditions.

Membership can be refused and/or withdrawn by the Management Committee on the grounds of inappropriate activity or ineligibility. An appeal against this decision may be made within 12 months at a General Meeting.

Members of the Society shall pay an annual subscription of an amount as may be approved by the Annual General Meeting, and such subscription shall be payable in full in advance on 1st January each year, which shall be the beginning of the Society’s financial year.

A Member intending to withdraw from membership shall give notice in writing to the Secretary of his/her intention. In such circumstances, the membership fee will not be refunded either in full or pro rata.

Should a member have to cancel a pre-paid booking for an SFT conference or event a full refund will be made up to 48 hours prior to the start of the conference unless otherwise stated in the booking conditions.

As a condition of membership you consent to the periodic receipt from the SFT via email, of news and information pertaining to the SFT.

Members may opt out of receipt of news and information from associated organisations. Associated organisations are defined as those offering a relevant industry service to SFT members.

Membership of the SFT

The SFT was founded in 1967 as a regular forum for the forward thinkers in the animal nutrition industry, to identify advances in knowledge and technology and to offer them an opportunity to discuss the importance and implications of these changes.

Membership is on an individual basis, not corporate. One of the ‘rules’ of the society is that blatant advertising or promotion of branded products is not allowed.


Benefits of membership

Access to at least three conferences per calendar year, where invited internationally and nationally renowned speakers discuss recent developments in genetics, research, EU livestock, marketing and export opportunities, disease and immunology, lifetime performance, economics, feed mill management etc.

Regular contact with experts in these fields including: nutritionists, geneticists, pharmacologists, feed technologists, veterinarians, mill managers, laboratory anaylsts, etc.

Develop friendships and network with people doing similar work and facing with similar issues.

Access to the speaker presentations 1 month after the conference. PLEASE NOTE, MEMBERSHIP RUNS FROM THE 1ST JANUARY TO THE END OF DECEMBER EACH CALANDER YEAR