Society of Feed Technologists

The Society of Feed Technologists (SFT), which was formed in 1967, provides a forum open to those interested in the production and welfare of farmed livestock, to meet in a non-competitive environment and discuss common issues and developments .

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About SFT

The SOCIETY OF FEED TECHNOLOGISTS (SFT), which was formed in 1967, provides a forum open to those interested in the production and welfare of farmed livestock, to meet and discuss common issues and developments in a non-competitive environment. Membership is multi-disciplinary and is open to animal nutritionists, feed technologists, recipe formulators, academics, pharmacologists, veterinary surgeons, geneticists, feed mill managers, farm advisors etc.

The Society of Feed Technologists is based in the UK, and holds several conferences per annum, including three which individually concentrate on Poultry, Ruminant and Pig subjects. Nationally and Internationally renowned speakers are invited. Non members are permitted to attend the conferences providing they become members of the Society at the  subscription rate specially reduced for the first year only. Most members reside in the UK and Eire.

The Society of Feed Technologists also arranges study tours to places of interest to its members.
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SFT Management Committee and Officers 2024-2025

Name Position Specialist Area
 Richard Remmer President Pig
 Dr Siobhan Carroll Vice President Poultry
 Andrew Lunt  Treasurer
 Inge Verwoerd  Secretary
 Melanie Blake  Management Committee NextGen
 Tom Butler  Management Committee Ruminant
 Holly Malins  Management Committee Ruminant/Next Gen
 Emily Marshall  Management Committee Pig
 Mark Flaherty  Management Committee Poultry
 Joe Lunt  Management Committee NextGen
 James McCulloch  AIC Representative
 Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard  Management Committee Pig
 David Wilde  Management Committee Ruminant
 John Wilson  Ireland Representative Ireland
 Tegan Whiting  Management Committee Pig/on maternity leave

Dr John Dunne                     Immediate Past President   Pig
Mark McFarland Management committee Northern Ireland

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Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone involved in any part of the animal feed and associated industries such as feed technology, nutrition, quality control, production, livestock advisory work and purchasing, retained by companies manufacturing, processing or selling animal feedingstuffs, supplements or additives.

“The SFT is an extremely valuable venue for everyone in the feed industry.”

It is an arena to:

Keep up to date
Make new friends
Meet old friends
Meet suppliers / customers
Learn about the wider industry
Tap the knowledge of others in an informal, non-competitive setting

It is also open to anyone person interested in the work of the Society – for example researchers, consultants, manufacturers, university and college lecturers and industry related students, etc.

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The Next Generation

SFT NextGen is a new initiative within SFT to address the needs and interests of those who are:

  • Potentially interested in careers in the animal feed industry e.g. Undergraduates, Postgraduate students, Careers advisers.
  • In their early career years in the industry.
  • Established in the feed industry but seeking a broader and deeper knowledge.

Activities will be linked to the SFT but will evolve according to need. This is not a separate society and will remain fully integrated with SFT.

NextGen is regarded as an investment in the SFT’s newer members to encourage their contribution to the future success of the society. Membership of NextGen is free.

The NextGen coordinator is Melanie Blake:

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